About Tree Bank India

Tree Bank India provides the best market platform to small and midsize farmers and service providers. At the same time, Tree Bank is committed to offers the best selling price to the general consumers. Our products are directly originated from the resources which are supervised by our expert for best and quality production. We build technology to strengthen our farming sector and rural economy. We want to see prosperity and happiness among those who work day and night to feed billions of world population.

Tree Bank is a dream inspired by the legendary farmer leader, educationalist and first Agricultural Minister of India Dr. Bhausaheb Pajabrao Deshmukh. Our vision is to introduce the state of art technology and marketing facilities to empower farmers and the farming sector. Tree Bank is a new hope to achieve prosperity and a better life to millions of people engaged in the agricultural manufacturing, processing and service sector. Tree Bank brings the best quality products direct from farmers and farmer organizations.

Tree Bank building trust bridge between farmer and consumer. Our aim is to provide 100 % organic, environment-friendly products at minimum cost. We want to see happy and satisfied consumers at the same time we want prosperity and a better life for our supplier farmer. Tree Bank India continuously designing the various programs to promote the work and vision set by Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh for the overall social development and upliftment of each section of the society.